Premier Dice Soccer is the exciting
and popular dice soccer game which is compact and easy to play.

A Realistic Version Of Soccer

This amazing and simple multi dice game consists of 8 colour coded dice marked with players positions and facets of play. It is played only with dice and is a realistic version of the tension, thrills and spills of real life soccer. Even the score lines are realistic and the end of the game is determined by the throw of the dice.

Premier Dice Soccer can be played just about anywhere.

Colour Coded For Easy Reference

The 8 dice are divided into 5 groups Colour Coded for easy reference

  • Playing Dice X 4 - Yellow
  • Foul Dice X 1 - White
  • Scoring Dice X 1 - Red
  • Possession Dice X 1 - Green
  • Referee Dice X 1 - Black

How The Game Is Played

The dice soccer game is played by two opposing sides comprising of one, or more than one person per side in each side.

Each opposing person has the chance to throw the dice according to the rules, until possession is lost, a goal is scored or the game ends.

The winner is the side with the most goals at the end of the game.

Have Fun!

You can create your own soccer league or cup games with friends of throw the dice to see if the team you support will win their big match.

If you love football then Premier Dice Soccer is the game for you.

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